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Ben Sherman is a brand of men’s fashion label, specialized in clothing and accessories design, which was founded in 1963 by Arthur Benjamin Sugarman. Today the brand is a part of BMB Clothing Limited group.

Meaning and history

Ben Sherman Logo history
Ben Sherman became popular due to its men’s shirts production. It was an iconic brand in the beginning of its history. Today it is more casual, but still has a lot of fans.

What is Ben Sherman?
Ben Sherman is a famous British fashion brand, which was established in 1963, and is specialized in the production of clothes and accessories for men. By today the brand gained international popularity and started releasing collections for women and kids too.

…. – 2011

Ben Sherman logo before 2011

The original Ben Sherman logo was composed of a custom handwritten logotype in a calm shade of blue. The inscription was a copy of the signature of the brand’s founder, like a celebration of the brand’s heritage and a tribute to the man, who created the whole fashion empire.

2011 – 2019

Ben Sherman Logo 2011

The Ben Sherman logo is composed of a wordmark in all caps. It was redesigned in 2011. The previous version was more classic and featured a handwriting-styled wordmark.
The current logo is executed in traditional typeface with clear and bold straight lines. The monochrome palette makes the logo look more elegant and stylish, than it was in the previous version with its friendly blue color as a main.

The condensed font looks bright and confident on a white background of the rectangular logo. It is a strong and dynamic, yet simple and neat brand’s visual identity.

2019 – Today

Ben Sherman logo
In 2019 the British fashion brand decided to come back to its original logo version, with a smooth fancy cursive lettering set in a dark and intense shade of blue against a white background. This unique logo makes the brand stand out on the list of its numerous competitors.

Font and Color

The cursive logotype from the primary version of the Ben Sherman badge is set in a custom typeface, which has something in common with such fonts as Banana and Nothing, but with the contours of most letters modified.

As for the color palette of the Ben Sherman visual identity, it is set in a combination of calm dark blue and white, which looks fresh and at the same time confident and professional.