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Baldinini is an Italian designer of footwear, founded in 1910. They mostly produce luxury shoes, although it’s all they make. There are also less classy sneakers, bag products (including wallets and various other types), accessories, belts and even outerwear – all of more or less premium quality. But shoes are what they are mostly known for.

Meaning and History

Baldinini Logo history

While the company traces its roots to 1910, it was only in the 1970s that Gimmi Baldinini – a designer who gave this business its current name and whose descendants now rules it – actually joined it. In 2001, 50% of the brand was purchased by the group MBFG. The popularity of their shoes is still growing.

1974 – 2022

Baldinini Logo old

The Baldinini logo has long been just their name, written in a bold sans-serif style.

The solid, bold letters of the Baldinini logo reflect the brand’s approach to the quality and style of its products, from shoes and bags to clothing and accessories. Although there’re no pictorial emblems on the logo, the letters possess unique style and character. They seem rather heavy, with overemphasized dots over the “i’s,” which help to create visual rhythm.

2022 – Today

Baldinini Logo

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