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Aubade is a renowned French lingerie brand, created by Charles Pasquier in Paris. Famed for its craftsmanship and aesthetic elegance, Aubade specializes in high-end, luxury lingerie. The brand earns acclaim for its fusion of comfort, sensuality, and artistry, frequently integrating intricate lace and refined designs. It emerged to provide women with intimate apparel that marries allure and comfort, thereby revolutionizing lingerie through creative and novel designs. Aubade stands as a symbol of French sophistication in intimate apparel.

Meaning and history

Founded in 1958 in Paris, Aubade emerged as a visionary in the lingerie world. Charles Pasquier, its creator, infused artistry into intimate wear, redefining its purpose from mere functionality to a blend of comfort, allure, and elegance. Aubade quickly became synonymous with innovative design, pioneering the concept of ‘lingerie as fashion’. The brand’s hallmark lies in its craftsmanship, especially its intricate lacework, setting new trends in the industry.

Over the years, Aubade expanded globally, symbolizing French luxury in lingerie. Its legacy includes not just exquisite designs but also a cultural shift, celebrating lingerie as an emblem of femininity and self-expression.

What is Aubade?
Aubade, a symbol of French elegance, is an esteemed lingerie label known for its fusion of comfort and sensuality. Established in Paris, it redefines intimate wear with its artistic and innovative design, embodying luxury and refinement in each piece.


Aubade logo

The logo displays the word “Aubade” in a bold, black serif font, exuding a timeless elegance. Above, “PARIS” is subtly emphasized in a smaller, understated sans-serif type, suggesting a chic, cosmopolitan essence. This minimalist design encapsulates French finesse, with a clear nod to the brand’s Parisian roots.

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