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The fashion brand Blauer was founded in Boston, USA, in 1936. Its original aim was to manufacture technical clothing for armed forces, primarily the police and the navy. Today, the range offers uniform-inspired apparel for men and women. The range also includes helmets and fragrances.

Meaning and history

Blauer Logo

The design team that worked on the Blauer logo used the same approach as the authors of the Under Armour logo. They developed two different logotypes, which can be used depending on the visual context.

First, there is the shield logo. It is much more complex and detailed than the Under Armour emblem. In the middle, there is the Flag of the US. It is placed inside a small shield, which, in its turn, is placed inside a larger shield. The space between the two shields is occupied by the wordmark logo and the lettering “Uncompromising Performance.”

The wordmark features a rather friendly type made up of plump letters. There are quite a few angles, though. The most recognizable element is probably the dot coming after the “R.” Below the word “Blauer,” there is the lettering “USA” in red.