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Calzedonia is an Italian fashion label offering a range of bathing suits, tights, socks, and leggings. It was established by Sandro Veronesi in 1986 in Verona, Italy.

Meaning and history

Calzedonia Logo history

1986 – 2003

Calzedonia Logo 1986

2003 – 2011

Calzedonia Logo 2003

2011 – Today

Calzedonia logo

The Calzedonia logo is just the name of the brand in a totally generic type. The glyphs look pretty heavy due to the bold typeface, although they still stay within common sense and legibility. The fact that there is just enough breathing space between the characters also helps to preserve legibility.

The only problem with this wordmark is that it looks as if it has been done using some kind of a default typeface. You can hardly figure out which message the brand wants to convey or which lifestyle it suggests. In a way, this is a statement in itself – such a logo means that the brand does not belong to a certain style but rather focuses on the quality and durability of its products (something implied by the heavy “durable” typeface). This is a reasonable approach for a company specializing in bathing suits, tights, and leggings.


In addition to the primary logo described above, the brand often uses a “reduced” version. For instance, it is used as an icon on the website where there is not enough space for the full wordmark. The icon features the letter “C” looking the same as in the primary Calzedonia logo. The glyph in white is placed inside a black square box.