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One of the world’s most popular fashion brands, Alexander McQueen manufactures ready-to-wear clothes, as well as shoes, bags, and accessories, from wallets to scarves and jewelry. The brand’s logotype is based on the wordmark.

Meaning and history

Alexander McQueen Logo history

1992 – 2018

Alexander McQueen Logo 1992


The history of the brand started in 1992. Alexander McQueen’s early collections were notorious for their shock tactics. Many items verged on indecency. For instance, the designer introduced trousers cut so low that they were immediately nicknamed bumsters. According to a fashion commentator, there were only a dozen or two of people in England wearing such trousers at the time. Today, low-cut trousers are extremely popular, and it is McQueen who is credited with the introduction of the trend. His following collection, which was officially called Highland Rape, only reinforced his reputation as “the hooligan of English fashion.”

2018 – Today

Alexander Mcqueen logo

When in late 2000 the Gucci Group purchased 51% of the brand, Alexander McQueen went on playing a major part in it, now at the post of Creative Director. Following McQueen’s suicide in 2010, the Gucci Group announced that the brand would carry on without its founder. In a couple of weeks, Sarah Burton, who had been helping McQueen with designing his collections since 1996, was appointed Creative Director – the post she has been holding ever since.


Alexander McQueen symbol

The Alexander McQueen logo would have looked rather generic if not for the unique “Q,” which seems to be an emblem in itself. In spite of the simple type, the logo catches your eye because of the way a small “c” is placed inside the bigger letter “Q.”

We should also discuss the logo of the lower-priced diffusion line McQ. While the range itself was launched in 2006, its current logo was introduced in 2015. It features a large letter “Q” with smaller “M” and “C” inside. So, it looks a lot like the “Q” from the primary logo, with a minor difference.


Alexander McQueen

As we’ve already mentioned above, the serif typeface featured on the logo has classic proportions and doesn’t stand out.


Alexander McQueen logo

The combination of black and white seems to be the most widely used color scheme in the universe of fashion logos. In this respect, the Alexander McQueen logo doesn’t go any further than this popular choice. The reason seems pretty obvious, as this option allows maximum flexibility when placing a logo on clothes of different colors – black looks appropriate on almost any background.