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Chevignon is a French fashion brand known for its stylish and high-quality clothing, primarily focusing on casual wear and leather jackets. Founded by Guy Azoulay in 1979, Chevignon has grown into a respected name in the fashion industry. The brand is currently owned by the French company Groupe Royer. Chevignon operates in various countries, with a significant presence in Europe and Asia. The company’s offerings include a wide range of apparel for men, featuring a blend of vintage and contemporary styles that appeal to a broad audience. Chevignon’s commitment to quality and innovative design has cemented its reputation as a leading brand in the casual fashion sector.

Meaning and history

Chevignon Logo history

Chevignon was founded in 1979 by Guy Azoulay, a visionary in the fashion industry. Azoulay was inspired by the aviator style and the rugged charm of American vintage fashion, which led him to create a brand that embodies these elements. Chevignon quickly gained popularity for its iconic leather jackets, which became a symbol of the brand’s identity. The early years saw rapid growth, with the brand expanding its product line to include a variety of casual wear items such as jeans, t-shirts, and accessories. The 1980s and 1990s were particularly successful for Chevignon, as it established itself as a go-to brand for stylish, high-quality casual wear.

One of Chevignon’s main achievements is its ability to blend vintage aesthetics with modern fashion trends. The brand’s leather jackets, in particular, have become timeless pieces that remain popular across generations. Chevignon’s commitment to using premium materials and its meticulous attention to detail have contributed to its enduring appeal. The brand has also collaborated with various designers and artists, further enhancing its reputation in the fashion world. Chevignon’s success is reflected in its strong retail presence, with flagship stores in major cities and a robust online platform that reaches a global audience.

Today, Chevignon continues to thrive as a respected name in the fashion industry. The brand remains true to its roots, consistently delivering high-quality, stylish apparel that resonates with its loyal customer base. Chevignon’s current position is one of stability and growth, as it continues to expand its product offerings and explore new markets. The brand’s ability to adapt to changing fashion trends while maintaining its core identity has been key to its longevity and success. With a strong focus on sustainability and innovation, Chevignon is well-positioned to continue its legacy as a leader in the casual fashion sector.

What is Chevignon?
Chevignon is a French fashion brand specializing in casual wear and leather jackets. Founded by Guy Azoulay in 1979, it is known for its vintage-inspired designs and high-quality materials. The brand operates globally, offering stylish and durable apparel for men.

1988 – 2013

Chevignon logo old

The typeface of the previous Chevignon logo was a serif one with rather tall glyphs. The font was pretty heavy.

2013 – Today

Chevignon logo

Today, a lighter type is used. It has preserved the elegant features of its predecessor – the serifs and the varying widths of the strokes. Yet, now, there is much more breathing space and the glyphs do not look as if they have been squeezed into a narrow space.

Chevignon emblem
The most recognizable element of the logo is of course a wild duck in flight. It has a green head and a brown neck.

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