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The brand “Chevignon” is used by Les Établissements Charles Chevignon. The marque specializes in clothing, particularly jackets.

Meaning and history

Chevignon Logo history

The company was established in 1979 by Charles Chevignon and Guy Azoulay. It has gone through numerous logotypes ever since.

1988 – 2013

Chevignon logo old

The typeface of the previous Chevignon logo was a serif one with rather tall glyphs. The font was pretty heavy.

2013 – Today

Chevignon logo

Today, a lighter type is used. It has preserved the elegant features of its predecessor – the serifs and the varying widths of the strokes. Yet, now, there is much more breathing space and the glyphs do not look as if they have been squeezed into a narrow space.

Chevignon emblem
The most recognizable element of the logo is of course a wild duck in flight. It has a green head and a brown neck.