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The Cheap Monday logo has caused much controversy due to its obvious Satanic and/or occult symbolism.

Meaning and history

Cheap Monday Logo history
The history of the brand started in 2000. It was founded as a second-hand clothing store in a suburb of Stockholm.

In 2008, H&M purchased the brand. However, in late 2018, H&M announced the brand would be closed within less than a year due to poor sales.

2004 – 2010

Cheap Monday Logo 2004

2010 – Today

Cheap Monday logo

Logo Cheap Monday

The original logo featured a skull with an inverted crucifix on the forehead. The authors of the emblem, Björn Atldax and Karl Grandin of the design group Vår, explained that the anti-Christian symbolism was used deliberately, as a statement.

As Atldax explained, he was not a Satanist, but he personally disliked organized religion, especially Christianity. He claimed the religion to be “a force of evil” and the root of many wars.

Eventually, the company still removed the inverted crucifix from the logo. Only a single vertical line was left instead. The change occurred by 2010. The grinning skull was still there, though.

Although the Cheap Monday logo became less provocative, the company still went on using Satanic and/or Illuminati symbolism in its collections. For instance, you could find triangle T-shirt designs similar to the well-known Illuminati pyramid.