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Biba is an Indian fashion retail company, which was established in 1986. Today the brand operates mostly trough its online platform, offering a wide range of national clothing for women and girls with international delivery. The e-store also has an amazing jewelry collection for sale.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the Indian fashion house is bold, confident and elegant. Its logo, composed of a wordmark and a delicate emblem, is executed in one color, creating a sense of a single organism.

The soft burgundy color is the main in the company’s palette. It adds luxury and sophistication to the logo and shows the fashion retailer as a professional and trustworthy, evoking a sense of care and love.

The Biba emblem is a stylized image of a flower, composed of six equal curved lines, resembling elongated petals. The flower represents delicacy and finesse of the ethnic fashion and shows the essence of the oriental beauty.


Biba Logo

The wordmark in all capital letters is executed in a sleek bold sans-serif typeface, which is close to Bologna Regular font, but slightly modified — the bottom part of both letters “B” is extended, which makes the inscription more balanced and complete.

The nameplate of the fashion brand is solid and modern, yet has everything to be actually for many more years — a neat and clear silhouette, bold smooth lines and solidness.


Biba is an online retailer of exclusive ethnic wear for women of different ages. The company’s catalog includes Indian kurtas and dresses along with suit sets and a wide range of authentic jewelry.

Being not only a retailer but also a manufacturer of fashion items, the company has an opportunity to offer the best prices on its garments and keep its outlet section assortment constantly updating.

The e-commerce platform delivers the orders internationally, using FEDEX service, and accepts payment via PayPal. However, the return policy of the company is very strict — it doesn’t accept returns and exchanges for international purchases.