Balmain Logo

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Balmain Logo
Balmain is an example of a company that is exceptionally loyal to its visual brand identity. Even when they eventually updated their logo in 2018 after almost 70 years, it was not a complete overhaul but rather a modification.

Meaning and history

Balmain Logo history

Balmain is a French luxury fashion brand established in 1945.


The old Balmain logo was dominated by the word “Balmain” in an elegant and somewhat heavy serif type. The thickness of the glyphs varied. In the thickest parts, there were white gaps.
Logo Balmain
The word “Paris” was given in smaller letters below. Here, the type was a simpler sans.


The design team was led by the brand’s creative director Olivier Rousteing.
The new brand identity includes two elements: a large “B” icon and the wordmark “Balmain Paris.”
If you take a closer look, you will discover that the “B” is, in fact, the combination of the letters “P” and “B.” While the “B” stands for “Balmain,” the “P” is the initial of the two words meaningful for the brand: “Paris” and “Pierre” (the name of the founder).
Balmain Logo
Olivier Rousteing claimed that the “B” has been inspired by Pierre Balmain’s mid-century monogram designs. He also explained that the icon would be used for patterns and adornments of the brand’s products.
The “Balmain Paris” wordmark features an austere sans. The letters of the first word are larger than those of the second word. There is no more “double letter” effect like in the original Balmain logo.