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The was created by a team of six people: Aleksei, Irina, Jana, Vladimir, Anna, and Igor. We have been providing popular and exciting stories about logos for many years. We utilize a wide range of information sources written in different languages about the history of logos, symbols, emblems, and fonts, and we unify all these details into a single, engaging, and readable post. We arrange photos and graphic images of logos chronologically and in different formats, and we keep track of any changes in logos and promptly update our posts when necessary.

If you find any errors, please contact us, and we will take steps to correct it ASAP.

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September 2023


Aleksei Titov, currently residing in Poland, is the owner and publisher of the 1000Logos ( website. He was in charge of creating the Litera online bookstore in 2002 and managed several successful projects, including a town portal, medical portal, and a few other sites that are still operational. Following these successes, he decided to create a database of logotypes & brands, describing their meaning and history.

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