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The fashion house Cerruti belongs to Trinity Ltd (Li & Fung Group). It sells products under two labels: Cerruti 1881 and 18CRR81 Cerruti. The former is a brand of luxury, classic clothes, including formal attire, such as full suits and jackets. They only make menswear for this brand.

Meaning and History

This brand has a long history. The 1881 line in particular was founded in 1967 by the Cerutti fashion house, which is an even older family business. As per legend, in 1881 the Cerutti family founded the wool mill. It then grew into the clothing company and moved from Italy to France.

1967 – today

Cerruti 1881 logo

The Cerruti 1881 logotype depicts the inscription ‘Cerruti 1881 Swiss Watches’, written in two serif fonts. The upper part of inscription, ‘Cerruti 1881’, has a bold black type with large letters. The lowest part ‘Swiss Watches’ is written in a narrowed style with larger gaps between letters.