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The first shops of the American Eagle Outfitters opened in 1977. The original American Eagle logo was pretty intricate and cluttered. It was dominated by the lettering, while the eagle looked small and overshadowed.

Meaning and history

American Eagle Logo history


American Eagle Logo 1977

The majority of the first logo was occupied by the words “American Eagle” in an artistic serif type. The glyphs were bold and pretty heavy. The serifs were heavy, too, and some of them had an unusual shape (the “E’s” and the “L,” for instance).

The line below “American Eagle” formed a hill, so the size of the writing was modified to fit the hill (the letters on the top were smaller). Below, there was a small eagle in flight and a banner. Behind the eagle’s wing, there was a circle representing the sun.

Below the eagle, the lettering “Outfitters” could be seen in a script with fancy swirls. As if to make the design even more cluttered, a long horizontal bar was placed under “Outfitters.”


American Eagle Logo 1985

This logo is by far cleaner and more utilitarian than its predecessor. It is easier to grasp due to the simpler letters and larger emblem.

Logo American Eagle

The eagle now dominates the design. It looks different than in the previous version. While the previous eagle seemed to fly without any visible aim, this one seems to have found a victim and is ready to attack.

The full name of the brand in a simpler all-caps serif type can be seen below. It is given in two lines.

During the period between 1985 and 2018, at least two versions of the logo were used. While their overall look was pretty much the same, they featured slightly different typefaces.

You can clearly see the difference between the older version and the newer one in the way the “E” glyph looks, for instance. The top and bottom bars on the “E” from the Garamond bold type (older version) have different lengths: the top bar is shorter than the bottom bar. In the Newburgh type, they have the same lengths. Also, the serifs on the “E” in Garamond are directed outside (they are positioned diagonally), while on the “E” in Newburgh, they are positioned vertically.

Logo1 American Eagle

The Newburgh type is a custom type developed by Associated Typographics.


American Eagle logo

The 2019 American Eagle logo removed the eagle that had been the signature of the brand for decades.


In addition to the primary logo, the company also has a favicon, which is used when a compact version of the logo is required. The icon is made up of the letters “AE.” Typically, the letters are white and are placed inside a black square. The glyphs look the same as in the primary wordmark.