Chanel Logo


Chanel S. A. is a renowned fashion house founded by Coco Chanel, a couturier from Paris. Chanel presents striking collections of apparel and accessories around the world.

Chanel Logo Meaning and History


The Chanel logo belongs to the family of logos, which have not changed since their inception. Besides, it was designed by Chanel herself in 1925. The two intertwining “Cs” stand for the first letters of the founder’s name and surname.

Chanel Logo Earrings


A great number of Chanel earrings are performed in the shape of or feature the “double-C” Chanel logo. This unique design makes them instantly recognizable.

Chanel Logo Necklace


There are a variety of Chanel necklace designs, which include the Chanel logo.

Chanel Symbol


There is an opinion that the logo design was inspired by the Château de Cremat logo. It was not until the fashion house opened its first boutique that the Chanel logo was officially introduced.

Chanel Emblem


Today, the Chanel logo makes numerous Chanel fans want to rush to boutiques and add another piece to their personal collections of clothes and accessories.

Shape of the Chanel Logo


The Chanel logo is as effective as it is long-lasting thanks to the simplicity and integrity of design. The logo features two overlapping “Cs”, which face opposite directions.

Colors of the Chanel Logo


The black color expresses elegance, wealthy, and excellence.

Font of the Chanel Logo


The Chanel logo uses a custom font.

coco chanel logo