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AllSaints is the name of a fashion brand, founded in the UK is in the middle of the 1990s. The first boutique of the label was opened in 1997, on the Allsaints holiday (November, 1). The brand started as the label for men, but already in 1998, the first women’s collection was released.

Meaning and history

AllSaints was created in 1994 by two designers, Stuart Trevor and Kate Bolongaro, who named the brand after All Saints Road, a street in Notting Hill, London, which was famous a famous spot for fashionable and musically oriented youth in the 1960s. The rock’n’roll mood and style have always been the key “ingredient” of the AllSaints collections.

For the first three years, the brand was oriented on men’s fashion, but soon the designers realized, that many women would like to get the items with the recognizable AllSaints “pepper” too, and released the first women’s collection in 1998. Today the label produces not only clothing but also accessories, bad, and footwear.

AllSaints is a pretty affordable brand, and this explains its international popularity: in the boutiques of the fashion house, which now can be found on all continents, you can find super stylish and bold items, manufactured from high-quality fabrics for an affordable price.

What is AllSaints?

AllSaints is a British fashion brand, which designs and manufactures casual clothing and accessories for men and women. The brand was founded in 1994 as the men’s clothing label but decided to expand its activity in 1998. Today the AllSaints boutiques can be found all over the globe.

As for the visual identity, here the British brand is rocking less and uses a classic uppercase logotype in black as its primary badge. Although the elegance of the letters and their timelessness is balanced by the emblem, with that unique rebellion and boldness, AllSaints is known for.

The 1990s – Today

AllSaints Logo

In addition to the wordmark, the British fashion retailer AllSaints is recognized by the ram skull logo and religious iconography.

We should probably start from the ram skull design as it is probably the most known AllSaints logo. What makes it unique is the way the ram skull is depicted – it appears to be half-erased. This does not look like most other fashion logos (for instance, the Gucci logo, where every line is very clear and there is enough contrast.

The wordmark is more generic, though. It features a simple serif type with generous breathing space between the letters. The typeface, used for the uppercase AllSaints logotype is very similar to Times Ten Roman and Hebrew Vilna Tanach Black.