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Aldo Brue is an Italian footwear brand, established by Mariano Brue in 1946. The brand is known for its high-quality men’s shoes but also manufactures bags and accessories. Today the label also has footwear collections for women.

Meaning and history

Aldo Brue brand is a footwear brand from Italy, founded in 1946 by Mariano Brue. Mariano was not a rookie in the industry, as he already had his workshop, which had been operating since the 1930s. But with the official establishment of the brand, the business has started to grow faster. The main peculiarity of the company was handcrafted men’s footwear.

Mariani’s brothers, Aldo and Mario, joined him in his new business and helped in the development of the brand. In 1984 Brue gets the first prestigious award, Scarpina d’Oro, and begins its expansion to the Asian region. At the beginning of the 1990s, Aldo Brue decides to slightly change its classic direction and launched the casual footwear line, which instantly gains huge success. Today the label is still owned by the Brue family and manufactures men’s and women’s footwear for different occasions.

Each of the Aldo Brue collections is unique. Special technologies are used in the manufacturing process: the shoes are perforated, the sole is made of foam, and the shoe last is refined and comfortable. This allows the owner to be confident in any weather conditions, and spend the whole day in Aldo Brue shoes without getting tired.

Today Aldo Brue brand is present in all the prestigious boutiques around the world. Most often this brand is chosen by office workers, politicians, and businessmen.

What is Aldo Brue?

Aldo Brue is an Italian brand, founded in 1947, and specialized in the design and manufacturing of footwear and accessories. During the first part of its history the brand was known as the men’s shoe producer, but today it also has women’s collections x along with bags and leather accessories.

The Italian company Aldo Brue founded in 1946 focuses on footwear. However, it manufactures not only shoes, but also bags, jackets, and belts. The products are valued for the combination of craftsmanship and innovation, the two qualities reflected by the Aldo Brue logo as well.

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Aldo Brue logo

The Aldo Brue logo is composed of an elegant title case logotype with a monogram, which can be set above it or used separately. Both elements of the badge are executed in black and set on a white background.

The type looks modern and original, with its unexpected and inspiring shapes. On the one hand, it is highly legible, on the other, there’s a slight handwriting effect despite the serifs seen on the letters. Above the sleek wordmark, there’s an elliptical emblem made up of two asymmetrical parts.