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While the fashion brand Beach Bunny Swimwear focuses on women’s swimwear, it also sells clothing and accessories. It was established in 2003 by Angela Chittenden and is based in Orange County, California.

Meaning and history

Beach Bunny Logo history

2003 – 2012

Beach Bunny Logo 2003

2012 – Today

Beach Bunny Logo

The primary Beach Bunny logo is a wordmark. The name of the brand is given in a playful script imitating handwriting. The girlish pink color fits the sexiness of the brand’s products perfectly. All of us known that quite a few women’s brands either have logos in pink or use pink in product design. For instance, Victoria’s Secret Pink logo and brand identity make use of this connotation.

There is also an icon featuring the letter “B” inside a pink box. The letter looks the same as in the wordmark logo: its upper half is larger than the lower half, and there is a playful curve at the top.

Beach Bunny Logo