Coach Logo

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coach logo
Coach, Inc. is a renowned manufacturer of leather products, which include footwear, handbags, wallets, briefcases, etc. It started off in 1941, in New York City, as a family business.

Meaning and History logo

Coach Logo history

The classic Coach logo was introduced in 1962. Designed by Bonny Cashin, a famous fashion designer and artist, it carried the impression of luxury, royalty, and elegance. The logo featured the image of a horse and carriage, and there was the company name in a figure frame right beneath the image.


coach symbol
The current Coach logo has been around since 2007. It appears on all products manufactured by the company. Although the new design has a greater degree of modernity, it has inherited the elegance of the previous one and symbolizes prestige, wealthy, and perfection.


coach emblem
The iconic horse-and-cart emblem of the Coach logo portrays the products’ high quality and beauty.


shape coach logo
The current Coach logo has inherited the horse-and-cart element from its predecessor. However, it is much smaller in size as compared to the acronymic part of it – the company name written in huge bold caps.


colors coach logo
The Coach logo is entirely black, and the color represents excellence, prestige, and well-being.


font coach logo
The company name is written in the company’s signature typerface, which has proved to be quite attractive and effective.