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Albano logo
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Albano is the name of a footwear brand, which was established in Italy by Silvano Albano and is known for elegant women’s shoes and pumps in a middle-priced category. The brand is still owned by the Albano family and managed by Silvano’s sons, Sergio and Luigi.

Meaning and history

The Albano brand is based in Italy. The shoes its makes are known for their sleek, timeless silhouettes and tactile materials. The product range includes a variety of footwear, from soft suede slingbacks to classic ankle boots.

Shoes from the Albano brand are very popular among people of different social statuses and ages. These shoes have an original style, although the company’s specialists are constantly looking for something new and interesting. The brand’s products combine style, attention to the smallest details, quality while remaining affordable to many people.

Albano is a perfect example of a family business, where everyone is involved in his own business. Thus, the son of brand founder Silvano Albano, Sergio, takes care of the creative part and develops shoe design, while his brother Luigi is in charge of brand management.

What is Albano?

Albano is an Italian footwear brand, which is known for elegant and affordable shoes for women. The brand has a very wide audience in terms of age, as it designs timeless models, and uses only high-quality materials.

As for the visual identity, the Italian footwear label follows its iconic style and uses a sophisticated and timeless typeface for a black logotype, placed on a plain white background. The simplicity of the composition is balanced by the unique serifs of the letters.

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Albano logo

The Albano logo features an artistic type, which is both highly legible and original. While the overall proportions of the letters are generally perfectly regular, their serifs are slightly longer than in the majority of serif typefaces. The font, used for the Albano wordmark is pretty close to Questal Medium or Nimbus Roman fonts family, but with the contours stretched horizontally and the lines softened. Especially this “softening” can be seen in the angles, created between the main bars and the serifs of the letters.

The simplicity of the palette – black on the white backgrounds – helps to emphasize the shape of the letters themselves.