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BCBGeneration describes itself as a full lifestyle brand. It offers a variety of women’s clothes and accessories. The young contemporary collection was launched by Max Azria in 2008.

Meaning and history

BCBGeneration logo

Basically, the BCBGeneration logo consists of just the name of the brand. In this respect, it is similar to hundreds of other fashion brands (for instance, the Baldinini logo). And yet, it has a recognizable style. How is it possible?

The secret behind the wordmark is an unusual pattern. Combining a variety of shades of gray with white and black, it adds a distinctive touch.

What is BCBGeneration?
BCBGeneration is a brand with roots in France and America. This brand is particular produces women’s clothing, footwear and other accessories in a bright, youthful style. Some of their designs are unusual or borderline experimental.

Font and color

Their font uses thin sans-serif letters with very little excessive elements. They are very linear and straightforward. All of these letters are, strictly speaking, uppercase. However, everything past the ‘G’ is reduced in size, while keeping the same capitalized appearance as the other letters.
They brand largely uses black as their prime color. They are also known to use white, but mostly as a means to include contrast into the imagery. For instance, the typical ‘BCBGeneration’ lettering is usually placed onto a white background, when they need one. Their other emblems likewise use black and white color schemes almost exclusively.