Under Armour Logo

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Under Armour Logo
At first glance, the Under Armour logo has always been what it is now – a crisscross formed by the letters “A” and “U”. However, the logotype has gone through a couple amendments before it acquired its current look.

Meaning and history

Under Armour Logo history

This is the sort of logotype that is closely related to the name of the company, which, by the way, appeared due to a simple accident. Once, when Kevin Plank and his brother Bill were talking about the project, Kevin said that they could call it “Body Armor”. His brother failed to hear his words correctly – he was sure he heard “under armor”. Both the brothers were impressed by this name so much they decided they do not want to go any further.

The 1996 symbol

symbol Under Armour
The first version of the logo was introduced in 1996, around the time that the company was created. The emblem, which appeared on the first shirt, consisted of the letter “U” vertically overlapping the letter “A”. In this way, the company’s initials created a crisscross. The overlapping parts of the letters were given in white. The word “Under” was written above the emblem, while the word “Armour” was placed below.

Current emblem

emblem Under Armour
In the course of time, the Under Armour logo was tweaked. In the current version, the white spaces in the crisscross have become black. The ends of the crisscrossed letters acquired a more sophisticated outline. Also, the word “Under” was moved under the emblem, while the font of the wordmark has been replaced by a more unique one.


Font Under Armour Logo
The bold sans-serif type featured in the Under Armour logo is a custom one. It is pretty legible, yet has a unique feature making it recognizable: it looks as though a small piece of the letters “D”, “E”, “A”, and “R” has been cut out where lines join.


Color Under Armour Logo
The classic simplicity of the black-and-white color scheme is exceptionally beneficial for the type of emblem the Under Armour brand has. The contrast between black and white emphasizes the lines and the shape of the logo.