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burberry logo

Burberry Group is a British fashion house renowned for its high-end clothes, perfumes, cosmetics, and accessories. The company gets its name from Thomas Burberry, its founder (1856).

Burberry Logo History

burberry logo history

The Burberry logo was designed in 1901 and registered in 1904. It featured (and still does) the Equestrian Knight and the Latin word “Prorsum”, which stands for “forward”. In 1920, the black-white-and-red Haymarket check pattern was introduced, which first appeared on one of the firm’s products in 1924.

vintage burberry logo

By the late 1960s, the check expanded to many other items produced by other companies. Unfortunately, in the 1990s, the check became associated with the football hooligan movement, which pretty much blemished its image. It prompted the company to slightly modify the image and introduce a simpler and more youthful one. In general, the Burberry logo has traveled through time and has undergone but a minor modification.

burberry emblem

Burberry Symbol

burberry symbol

The equestrian carries a shield, which is to symbolize knightly purity, honor, pride,  grace, nobleness, determination, and protection. The logo is performed in black to express the quality, elegance, power, and durability.

burberry logo

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