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Carla Braccialini and her husband Roberto founded the brand in 1954 in Florence, Italy. Today, the leather accessories company works in forty countries.

Meaning and history

Braccialini Logo history

What is Braccialini?
Braccialini is an Italian company renowned for its luxury fashion accessories, particularly handbags. With a rich heritage spanning over six decades, Braccialini combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative designs to create unique and vibrant pieces. The brand is known for its whimsical and artistic approach, showcasing intricate details and high-quality materials in their collections.

Before 2022

Braccialini Logo old

The brand’s emblem looks somewhat unusual for a fashion house logo. To begin with, it is not just black-and-white, like a typical fashion house logo. Also, it has a rather detailed emblem, while most competitors either have a very minimalist symbol (like the Chanel logo) or have no symbol at all, just a wordmark.

The red rose on the Braccialini logo is said to have been inspired by Carla’s love for flowers. The rose looks pretty abstract. Below, the lettering “Braccialini” can be seen. The rounded shape of the glyphs rhymes with the soft curves of the rose.

2022 – Today

Braccialini Logo