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Bordelle is a distinctive luxury lingerie brand, established by Alexandra Popa in London. The brand is renowned for its unique blend of seduction and ready-to-wear elements, creating elegantly provocative pieces. Bordelle’s signature aesthetic features body-con silhouettes, combining 24K gold plated hardware and custom satin elastic strapping with various luxury fabrics. This results in iconic, adjustable styles that cater to the modern woman. The brand’s collections, available in over 25 countries, push the boundaries of traditional lingerie design, offering a range of products from structured bras to bodices that can be customized to the wearer’s preference. Bordelle stands out for its commitment to craftsmanship, ethical production, and innovative design, appealing to a clientele that values sensuality, luxury, and distinctive style.

Meaning and history

Bordelle Logo history

Bordelle, a revolutionary lingerie brand, was conceptualized and brought to life in 2009. Popa, armed with a background in economics and management, identified a niche in the luxury lingerie market for designs that merged seduction with ready-to-wear fashion. She envisioned and created a line of lingerie that challenged traditional styles, introducing a luxury bondage aesthetic. This innovative approach resulted in lingerie pieces characterized by body-contouring silhouettes and a unique blend of custom satin elastic straps and 24K gold plated hardware.

The brand quickly made its mark, debuting at the prestigious Selfridges in London. Bordelle’s distinct style, blending luxury with an edgy, provocative design, garnered a dedicated following. The brand’s collections are a testament to skilled craftsmanship and cutting-edge design, continually pushing the boundaries of conventional lingerie.

Bordelle’s ethos revolves around empowering women through their intimate wear. The brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality is evident in each piece, meticulously crafted in their West London studio. This dedication to innovation and design has enabled Bordelle to expand globally, offering its unique lingerie collections in over 25 countries. The brand stands as a symbol of luxury, sensuality, and empowerment, resonating with modern women who seek lingerie that is as expressive and bold as they are.

What is Bordelle?
Bordelle emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of intimate apparel, celebrated for its seamless blend of opulence and an audaciously unique aesthetic influenced by the art of bondage. Incepted by the visionary Alexandra Popa in London circa 2009, the label is distinguished by its daring yet elegant designs, incorporating 24K gold hardware and tailor-made elastic banding, thus forging a new intersection of innerwear and avant-garde fashion. The label is emblematic of boldness and empowerment, serving a clientele that is both discerning and assertive.


Bordelle logo old

The logo presents “Bordelle” in a sophisticated, cursive script, encased within an ornate, vintage frame. The framing carries a gothic flair, intricate and thorny, as if taken from an ancient, aristocratic gate. This contrast of elegance and edge mirrors Bordelle’s blend of luxury with a bold, unconventional aesthetic.


Bordelle logo

The updated Bordelle logo shifts from an ornate, gothic frame to a modern, geometric motif. This newer design employs interlocking shapes forming a diamond, symbolizing strength and innovation. The brand name is now beneath in a clean, sans-serif typeface, reflecting a contemporary and refined direction. These changes mark a visual evolution, aligning the logo with modern luxury and streamlined aesthetics.