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Charming Charlie is an American fashion brand, specialized in women’s accessories and apparel. The label was founded in 2004 in Texas and today has numerous stores across the USA.

Meaning and history

Charming Charlie logo

The Charming Charlie visual identity is based on the principle of simple elegance. The text-based logo in a monochrome palette looks sleek and luxurious.

The Charming Charlie wordmark is written using two different styles of the inscription. The smaller sized “Charming” in the lowercase is executed in an elegant cursive, while the “Charlie”, also in the lowercase, is written in a classic serif typeface, which is similar to the famous Didot, but with bolder circles on the ends of the letters.

Charming Charlie Logo

The only unique element of the Charming Charlie nameplate is the elongated tail of the small “G”, which crosses the bold “L” of “Charlie” and features a bold solid circle on its end.

The Charming Charlie logo is sophisticated and recognizable. Executed in a traditional fashion industry concept, it still looks unique and modern, evoking a sense of creativity and a good taste.

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