The Most Famous Logos with a Birds

The Most Famous Logos with a Birds
The bird is a symbol of freedom and motion, a graphical representation of lightness and purity, of something spiritual and joyful. Many large companies and brands choose the image of birds for their logos. Especially often you can see these flying creatures on the emblems of airlines and sports teams because the bird is a symbol not only of movement but also of speed.

In our today’s article, we take a closer look at the most popular logos depicting birds, and we see that in most cases they have the same meaning. As for graphic design – today we’ll see a variety of styles from minimalistic birds drawn with sketchy lines to incredibly detailed and detailed images. All the brands in the list are arranged in alphabetical order.


Logo Simca




Logo MartellAn elegant gold swallow from the logo of the French cognac house Martell is a symbol of excellence and high quality. Drawn above a serif uppercase logotype in navy blue, the golden lines of the bird are supported by the gold tagline on the badge, composed of a lettering and traditional ornate crest.


Logo FPV


Logo Peerless

Pos Indonesia

Logo Pos Indonesia


Logo Arash

Russo Balt

Logo Russo balt


Logo Bandini

Garuda Indonesia

Logo Garuda Indonesia


Logo TiestoOne of the world’s most famous DJs, Tiesto, uses a bird as his symbol too. An abstract minimalistic silhouette of a bird in solid black is drawn vertically above the logotype, enclosed into a black circular frame. The tail of the bird is formed by five rounded lines, cutting the frame of the emblem and lettering in the air.

Cebu Pacific

Logo Cebu Pacific


Logo OneteaspoonCreighton Bluejays

Logo Creighton BluejaysCreighton Bluejays is the name of an athletic program, representing Creighton University in Nebraska. The visual identity of the teams in this program is based on an image of a bird’s head, inscribed into a stylized capital letter “C”: both elements are executed in one color palette, composed of two shades of blue and white.

Memphis Redbirds

Logo Memphis RedbirdsMemphis Redbirds is the name of a professional baseball club from the United States, which has a bird not only as a part of its name but also on the logo. The badge looks cool and modern due to the use of neon light, making up the lettering and stripes on a crest under the image of a red bird’s head.

Tottenham Hotspur

Logo Tottenham Hotspur

West Bromwich Albion

Logo West Bromwich Albion


Logo TwitterOne of the most iconic logos with a bird is the Twitter insignia. The bright blue small bird from the badge of social media is placed against a white background and represents freedom, progress, and unity. The smooth lines of the bird make the image look friendly and welcoming, while its color palette represents reliability and safety.

Singapore Airlines

Logo Singapore AirlinesAnother air carrier with a bird in its logo is Singapore Airlines. The badge of the air carrier is set in the blue and yellow color palette, with the blue two-leveled inscription underlined by a thick yellow line, supporting the geometric image of a bird, drawn in yellow on the right from the wordmark. The wings of the bird are spread up, slightly bent to the left, and drawn in three thick yellow lines.


Logo NestleThe visual identity of one of the world’s most famous food corporations, Nestle, has three birds in it. Two babies sitting in the nest, with their mom feeding them. The image is drawn in bold blue contours over a transparent background and accompanied by a bold strict logotype, adding stability and professionalism to a tender and touching image.

Moto Guzzi

Logo Moto GuzziThe Italian manufacturer of motorcycles, Moto Guzzi, has a drawing of a powerful eagle as a part of the logo. The bird is drawn in pink-gold lines above the bold black lettering in a modern sans-serif typeface, with the elongated wings spread to the sides and slightly curved up. The image looks strong and chic.

Monmouth Hawks

Logo Monmouth Hawks


Logo Ruger

Giorgio Armani

Logo Giorgio ArmaniOne of the most iconic logos with a bird is the badge of Giorgio Armani, an Italian fashion label. The bird here is drawn in a minimalistic style, set in bold black horizontal lines against a white background, with the geometric contours of the wings. The image is accompanied by elegant serif lettering, which balanced and softened the look.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

Logo Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

Air China

Logo Air ChinaThe bird on the visual identity of the Chinese air carrier, Air China, is drawn abstractly, being formed by three arched lines, making up a U-like silhouette of a red Phoenix bird. The bottom line is curved, creating an illusion of a tail, and the head is made up of a thin horizontal line with a smooth bolder one above it.


Logo NandosNando’s, a South African chain of fast food restaurants has an image of a rooster as the central part of its badge. Drawn in black and red, the bird looks unique and very stylish, making the brand stand out in the list of competitors, and bringing a perfect representation of the chain’s cuisine.


Logo Nightwing

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles

Logo Manly Warringah Sea Eagles

Iraqi Airways

Logo Iraqi AirwaysThe solid green logo of Iraqi Airways is composed of three levels: the abstract emblem, depicting a bird flying to the left, the name of the company in Arabic, and the English translation of the air carrier’s name. All three lines are set in one shade of green, with no gradients or other additions.

Iowa Hawkeyes

Logo Iowa HawkeyesThe visual identity of the athletic program from the University of Iowa is based on an abstract image of a bird’s head, formed by several solid black elements, placed against a white background, and outlined in yellow. The graphical element has no lettering or other additions and looks super cool and progressive.

Liberty Flames

Logo Liberty Flames

UNF Ospreys

Logo UNF Ospreys


Logo VENTURIThe luxury automaking brand from Monaco, Venturi, has been using a badge with a powerful bird image for several years in its history. It was a silver bird sitting under the silver sun on a blue triangular crest inscribed into a solid red horizontally oriented oval medallion. The logo was accompanied by a stylish uppercase logotype and a silver outline of the triangular element.



La Poste

Logo La Poste

Turkish Airlines

Logo Turkish AirlinesThe last air carrier on our Bird logo list is Turkish Airlines. The company uses a bright yet pretty minimalistic emblem, with the schematic white bird drawn in smooth lines over a solid red circle, placed on the left from the black two-leveled inscription in a heavy sans-serif typeface.


Logo Bizzarrini

Philadelphia Eagles

Logo Philadelphia Eagles

Baltimore Orioles

Logo Baltimore OriolesThe logo of the professional baseball club in the United States is also based on an image of a bird. A caricature of a smiling bird is set in red and black, with the baseball cap on the bird’s head featuring a logo of the club written over it. The logo looks friendly and cool.


Logo Isdera

Bluefield Blue Jays

Logo Bluefield Blue Jays


Logo Liverpool

Lamar Cardinals

Logo Lamar Cardinals


Logo Queen


Logo LazioThe enlarged gold and white bird on the logo of the Italian football club Lazio is an eagle. Set above a light-blue and white badge, the bird has its geometrically-stylized wings spread to the sides, and its massive head with a large dangerous beak turned to the right.

Kuwait Airways

Logo Kuwait AirwaysOne of the most elegant depictions of a bird in the logo can be seen on the badge of Kuwait Airlines. It is drawn in gradient blue, from navy to turquoise, in the left part of the banner, flying up left, with a thin elongated beak and sharp lines of the wings. The image is accompanied by three-leveled lettering in dark blue, which makes the bird the brightest element of the logo.

Atlanta Falcons

Logo Atlanta Falcons



Eintracht Frankfurt

Logo Eintracht FrankfurtEintracht Frankfurt, a football club from Germany, has a heraldic depiction of a bird in its logo. The solid red eagle with the wings spread to the sides and the head turned to the left, is drawn over a white roundel, enclosed into a thick red frame with a white outline. The animal looks powerful and Royal, representing the professionalism and confidence of the club, along with their value of heritage and roots.



Incarnate Word Cardinals

Logo Incarnate Word Cardinals

Bianchi Car

Logo Bianchi Car


Logo PackardThis historical luxury automobile marque from the United States had a beautiful and very elegant badge, executed in black, yellow, and red, with a solid gold silhouette of a swan drawn on top of the ornate crest in the center of a vertically-oriented oval medallion. The wings of the bird added sharpness and character to the traditional lines of the logo.

Tucson Roadrunners

Logo Tucson Roadrunners


Logo Avianca


Logo Medicare

Johnson City Cardinals

Logo Johnson City CardinalsHawk

Logo Hawk

Gulf Air

Logo Gulf AirOne of many airlines on our today’s list, Gulf Air, has a very elegant and airy logo, executed in dark blue and cold gold, with the flying eagle drawn on the left from the two-leveled inscription. The bird is set in gold and white and depicted with its wings spread to the sides, balanced by the golden Arabic logotype on the right.

Srilankan Airlines

Logo Srilankan AirlinesSriLankan Airlines badge features a super fancy and sophisticated image of a bird on it. Set in the colors of the National flag, green, red, and orange, the bird is drawn in three smooth waving elements, placed vertically, with a slight inclination to the right. The bird is placed above blue lettering with uneven contours, elevating the overall look of the badge.

Ball State Cardinals

Logo Ball State Cardinals

Seattle Seahawks

Logo Seattle SeahawksA professional football club from Seattle, The Seahawks, has a super cool and bright logo, with a depiction of the bird, which gave the club its name. It is an image of a head, placed in profile, facing right, executed in a light-gray, blue and green color palette with white elements. Green here is used only for the eye of the bird, which creates a dangerous and powerful look, showing the character of the club.


Logo Bignan

Air Mauritius

Logo Air MauritiusAir Mauritius is another air carrier, which uses an image of a bird for its visual identity. Here the bird is drawn in a more modern and sleek way, made up of smooth solid elements and placed above the right part of the uppercase logotype, roofing it, and adding power and motion to the badge.

Hartford Hawks

Logo Hartford HawksThe bird on the logo of Hartford Hawks is unique and super cool. It is a stylized red head of a hawk, which is drawn geometrically and relaxed the horizontal bar of the massive sans-serif “H”, set in dark blue and outlined in black. The straight bold lines of the bird evoke a sense of strength, aggression, and determination, brilliantly reflecting the mood of the team.

St Louis Cardinals

Logo St Louis Cardinals

Aeronautica Militare

Logo Aeronautica Militare


Logo Cole


Logo AuchanJust like in the logo of Accor hotels, the bird in the Auchan emblem replaced a part of the letter “A” of the chain’s identifier. But here the bird is more caricaturish and friendly, drawn in red over a red letter, with white accents, making everything look brighter and warmer. The badge looks fun and evokes a sense of kindness and happiness.


Logo Rossion


Logo Humminbird


Logo LufthansaOne of the world’s most reputable air carriers, German Lufthansa, also has an image of a bird as a part of its logo. It is an elegant blue bird, drawn on a white background and enclosed into a blue circular frame, placed on the left from a bold title case logotype in a stable sans-serif typeface.


Logo AccorThe visual identity of the international hotel-chain Accor is based on an elegant drawing of a bird, replacing the left bar of the stylized “A”, the only element of the brand’s graphical emblem. The bird is set in glossy gradient gold, just like all other elements of the logo, looking very sophisticated and balanced.

Kansas Jayhawks

Logo Kansas JayhawksKansas Jayhawks are the name of an athletic program from Kansas University, which has a fun and friendly caricature of a bird as the main part of its visual identity. The red bird is wearing a bright blue jersey with the white “KU” monogram on the chest; and yellow shoes with red buckles. The color of the shoes is balanced by the color of the bird’s beak.

American Austin

Logo American Austin

Arizona Cardinals

Logo Arizona CardinalsThe professional football club from the United States is named after a bird and has its drawing as the only element of the visual identity. It is an image of a bird’s head drawn in profile, turned to the right. The image is set in dark red and black; with white and yellow details; adding contrast and strength to the composition.

Sydney Roosters

Logo Sydney Roosters

Bowling Green Falcons

Logo Bowling Green Falcons


Logo MövenpickA famous ice-cream manufacturer Movenpick has had a bird as a part of its visual identity for decades. Drawn in a bold smooth gold line above the capital dark-red “N” in the bold sans-serif uppercase logotype, the bird softens the badge and adds a sophisticated delicate touch to the composition.


Logo RossignolRossignol is a famous French brand of clothing and accessories for winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding. The brand has a very elegant visual identity, designed in the tricolor of a French National dog, blue, red, and white. The bird on the Rossignol logo is a rooster, the National symbol of France, drawn in blue and red on a white triangular crest, supported by a thick frame in the same color palette.


Logo Pemex

The visual identity of the Mexican gas and oil corporation Pemex is executed in a color palette of a national flag of its country and features a stylized image of a bird on its emblem, set on the left from the bold green logotype in a custom sans-serif typeface. The head of a bird is drawn in white horizontal lines over a solid red crest.

Rochester Red Wings

Logo Rochester Red Wings

American LaFrance

Logo American LaFrance

Atlanta Hawks

Logo Atlanta Hawks


Logo Nice




Logo BarclaysBarclays is a famous and reputable international bank, which has a heraldic and powerful emblem with a bird as a part of its visual identity. The eagle, stylized in a shape of a crest, is drawn in gradient blue and set above the bold uppercase lettering in the same color palette. The bird has no details, just clean contours, looking powerful and sleek.

Toronto Blue Jays

Logo Toronto Blue Jays

A professional baseball club from Canada, Toronto Blue Jays, has a very stylish logo with an image of a bird on it. Drawn in profile, facing to the left, the bird is contoured in white and set on a solid blue background, with details in two shades of blue, and white. The composition is supported by a solid red maple leaf, overlapping the bird on the right, and adding a bright color accent to the badge.


Logo Duesenberg


Logo Benfica

China Eastern Airlines

Logo China Eastern AirlinesAnother air carrier on our today’s list is China Eastern Airlines. The bird on this badge is abstract and minimalistic, formed by two solid fragments in blue and red, and placed on the left of the two-leveled inscription in the same color palette. The two parts of the China Eastern Airlines bird feature different shapes and thicknesses, making up a very interesting design.

Morehead State Eagles

Logo Morehead State Eagles


Logo LalamoveThe visual identity of Lalamove has a depiction of a hummingbird, a tiny beautiful creature, drawn in solid orange on the left from the two-colored uppercase logotype. The wings of the bird are decorated by three white diagonal stripes, which add a sense of motion and energy to the composition.

Famous Grouse

Logo Famous Grouse


Logo Swift


Logo DoveA famous brand of soap, Dove, has a minimalistic yet elegant image of a flying pigeon as its signifier. The bird is drawn flying to the right, under the blue cursive lettering, set in a warm shade of gold, close to pink. The logo looks very simple, yet this simplicity makes it chic and fancy.


Logo Salewa


Logo DuolingoDuolingo is a popular mobile app that helps people learn different languages in a fast and fun way. The visual identity of the app is based on a caricature of a green owl, a symbol of wisdom. The bird is drawn in full-height, in green and orange, and placed above the bold lowercase lettering in the same shade of green.


Logo HollisterThe logo of Hollister, a brand of casual clothing and accessories, has a minimalistic image of a bird as the only element. It is a solid blue seagull, flying to the left, drawn against a transparent background with no decorative elements. The bird has smooth clean contours and looks very confident and progressive.