Barclays Logo

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barclays logo
Barclays plc. is a major financial corporation, which was established in great Britain and has been operating since 1690. It is one of the world’s oldest banking groups.
Although the Barclays logo is officially thought to have originated in 1948, it goes back to the time of the bank’s foundation. Those were days when even business owners could hardly boast high literacy levels. The eagle was nothing less than a pictorial, with which the founders branded the bank, because they could not write the name.

barclays logo

The minimalistic current logo features a blue eagle icon and the bank’s name written in the firm’s signature typeface.

Logo history

Barclays Logo history
The Spread Eagle emblem is very old, its history dates back to 1690. The exact year John Freame, who is considered the bank’s founder, started his business is not known, yet there is evidence that in 1690 he was a partner in a banking business in London. At the time, many people couldn’t read, so the eagle emblem made it easier for customers to find the bank.


Barclays Premier League symbol
As a sponsor of the Premier League from 2007/08 to 2015/2016, Barclays had the right to have its name and emblem included in the club’s logo. Although there was more than one Barclays Premier League symbol, they were built around the same core: a depiction of a lion with a ball and the Barclays symbol below.