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Having seen the Morehead State Eagles logo at least once, you will never forget the strong yellow beak of this fantastic bird.

Meaning and history

Morehead State Eagles Logo history

Founded in conjunction with Morehead State University’s establishment in 1887, the Morehead State Eagles epitomize the university’s athletic spirit. Initially part of the Morehead Normal School, these athletic teams have grown in tandem with the university’s evolution into a prominent educational institution. The Eagles have carved out a distinct niche in collegiate sports, particularly in basketball. Their crowning achievement was the stunning victory over Louisville in the 2011 NCAA Tournament, a landmark event that elevated their status in college basketball. In addition to basketball, the Eagles have also made significant strides in football within the Pioneer Football League. Currently, as members of the Ohio Valley Conference, the Morehead State Eagles continue to uphold their tradition of athletic prowess, combined with a strong focus on academic achievement. This dual commitment ensures the Eagles remain a dynamic and evolving force in collegiate sports.

What is Morehead State Eagles?
The Morehead State Eagles, the athletic heartbeat of Morehead State University, stand out in NCAA Division I sports. Renowned for their dynamic presence in basketball and football, they embody a fusion of athletic excellence and academic integrity. Their legacy, marked by landmark victories and a commitment to student-athlete development, distinguishes them in the collegiate sports landscape.

1986 – 2004

Morehead State Eagles Logo-1986

And yet, the memorable design is comparatively new. On the old emblem, which was introduced in 1986, for instance, the beak looks pretty average. Moreover, the eagle itself was not very stylish, although the bird did have an athletic feel due to the prominent chest and determined expression.

2005 – Today

Morehead State Eagles Logo

The eagle on the Morehead State Eagles logo unveiled in 2005 looked different. You could see the bird’s head with a very impressive beak. The lettering “Morehead State” was positioned above, while the lettering “Eagles” was placed below. Later, the university reduced the primary logo to the eagle’s head only.

Morehead State Eagles baseball

Morehead State Eagles baseball logo

The Eagles have competed in the NCAA Tournament three times (the latest in 2018). They have been named the Conference tournament champions four times.

Morehead State Eagles basketball

Morehead State Eagles basketball logo

The women’s basketball team of Morehead State University is proud to have been Conference Tournament Champions in 1979.

The men’s team has participated in the NCAA Tournament on seven occasions reaching the NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen twice. They have competed in three College Basketball Invitational Tournaments.

Morehead State Eagles Colors

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