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Martell is one of the oldest brands of cognac in the world. Established in France in 1715 by Jean Martell, Martell premium brand is now owned by Pernod Ricard. Martell has a title of Number 1 International cognac brand of Prestige category.

Meaning and history

Martell Logo history

The history of Martell, a brand with English roots that grew up in the best vineyards of France, goes back more than three hundred years, making Martell the oldest cognac brand in the world.Since 1715, from the very beginning of the family business, the Englishman Jean Martel has passed down traditions and a respectful attitude from generation to generation.

House Martell is one of the few cognac houses that distill exclusively pure wines without sediment or impurities, thus obtaining the finest and purest cognac spirit. And this is the main feature of the product of the French brand.

Today, Martel owns one of the most extensive stocks of cognac, equivalent to more than 100 million bottles.

What is Martell?
Martell is the name of a luxury cognac brand, which was established in France at the beginning of the 1710s, and named after its founder, Jean Martell. Today the high-end  label is owned by one of the world’s most reputable companies in this segment, Pernod Ricard.

2000 – 2016

The Martell logo, introduced in 2000, stayed with the brand for 16 years and became instantly recognizable across the globe due to its exquisite color palette and elegant details. The emblem featured a dark blue background with the white shadowed inscription on its top part, executed in a classy serif font. The elegant gold bird was set above the nameplate, and the “1715 — 2015” datemark was written under the wordmark, in thin gold lines. This anniversary badge was created to celebrate the 300 years of the legendary brand, so this number took the biggest part of the banner, drawn in numerous rounded sparkles in silver, and underlined with a gold “Tricentenaire” in thin gold capitals.

2016 – Today

The Martel logo, designed by Yorgo & Co, Paris-based design bureau, is an example of elegance and sophistication.

The deep blue bold wordmark, the main accent, is framed with two emblems: a swift on its top and a shield on the bottom.

Both emblems executed in fine and clean gold lines, with attention to entails. The bird on the top has textural lines and organic silhouette, and the bottom shield is very elegant and shows the brands history and aesthetic.

Martell Logo

The color palette, exclusive typeface and delicate graphics indicate the luxury of the brand.

Font and Color

The extremely elegant and chic uppercase logotype from the official Martell badge is set in a sophisticated yet stable and strong serif font with stylish lines and some unique details of the glyphs, which make this inscription special and recognizable. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Bunyan Pro Bold, or P22 Mai Pro Bold Small Caps, but with some modifications.

As for the color palette of the Martell visual identity, it is set in a combination of deep and dark shades of blue and delicate smooth gold hue, which make up a luxurious and elegant composition, evoking a sense of high-quality expensive products, and representing the brand with a rich heritage and legacy.