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Ruger is an American brand of a firearms manufacturer, which was established in 1949 in Connecticut. The company produces various types of firearms, including shotguns and pistols, but their most popular products are revolvers.

Meaning and history

The Ruger visual identity is bright and instantly recognizable. It makes the company stand out from the list of its competitors, being a powerful and elegant logo.

The Ruger logo is composed of an emblem with a monogram and a wordmark on its right, which is not always used.

The brand’s name inscription in all capitals is executed in a classic and sophisticated serif typeface, where the lettering is perfectly spaced and balanced and the letters “R” have their tails elongated.

Ruger Logo

The Ruger emblem depicts a stylized image of a Phoenix bird in red. The Phoenix has a rounded contour and his wings up. The brand’s “R” in white is placed in the middle of it.

The Ruger logo was designed by Alexander Storm and was originally drawn in red, however, the company started using black and white color palette after the Sturm’s death and only came back to the original version on the brand’s first pistol 50th anniversary.

The Ruger logo is a reflection of a powerful company. It represents the industry sector of the brand and shows it as passionate and energetic.

The red and white color palette shows the company as the one that values progress and dynamics. The red Phoenix is a symbol of a new life and strength, one of the most powerful mythological creatures.