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Rossion Automotive, primarily known for its high-performance sports cars, is a notable player in the automotive sector. The company was born out of the acquisition of certain assets from Noble Automotive, a British sports car manufacturer. Its ownership has changed hands over the years, with its current ownership being under the umbrella of 1G Racing from Ohio, USA. Rossion’s operations are primarily based in the United States, where it manufactures and markets its range of sports cars. The company has gained recognition for its blend of high-speed performance and luxury in vehicle design.

Meaning and history

Rossion quickly made a name for itself with the Rossion Q1, a car that embodied speed, agility, and luxury. The Q1, an evolution of the Noble M400, was praised for its impressive power-to-weight ratio and exceptional handling capabilities. Rossion’s commitment to bespoke manufacturing and customer customization options further solidified its reputation in the niche sports car market.

Rossion continues to innovate and expand its offerings. The company maintains a strong focus on delivering high-quality, high-performance vehicles, often incorporating the latest technological advancements in their designs. Rossion’s current lineup and market position reflect its dedication to blending performance with luxury, keeping it a respected name among sports car enthusiasts.


Rossion Logo

The logo is a shield-shaped emblem with a stylized bird in flight at its center. The bird, which appears to be an eagle, is depicted in a powerful pose with its wings angled back and talons extended as if it’s about to seize its prey. The emblem is predominantly black with the bird and the shield’s border in a contrasting white, creating a bold silhouette effect. At the top of the shield, the word “ROSSION” is inscribed in an uppercase, sans-serif font that suggests modernity and strength. The overall design conveys a sense of power, speed, and precision, which is fitting for a high-performance automotive company.

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