Atlanta Falcons Logo

Atlanta Falcons Logo

The Atlanta Falcons logo is a remarkable example of visual consistency. The side view of the falcon bird has always been the one and only visual center of the logotype.

Meaning and history Atlanta Falcons Logo

history Atlanta Falcons Logo

The American football team started its very first season in 1966 with the logo depicting a stylized falcon in flight. The black-and-white bird had a red outline. The emblem could also be interpreted as a capital letter “F”.

atlanta falcons old logo

The 1990 emblem Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons emblem

The only modification that took place in the 1990 emblem was that the red outline was replaced by the black one. Apart from this, the symbol remained unchanged.

Current symbol Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons symbol

The 2003 update resulted in a more dynamic overall impression. The bird grew more powerful and aggressive, while the capital “F” became more visible. In addition to the black and white colors of the previous version, the new one included silver for the outline and red for the feathers.

Font of the Atlanta Falcons Logo

Atlanta Falcons logo Font

The typeface is a custom one. It was created specifically for the football team and named the Falcons font in its honor. The sharp elements on some of the letters arguably resemble the bird’s beak.

Color of the Atlanta Falcons Logo

Atlanta Falcons logo Color

Each of the colors included into the team’s official palette (black, red, silver, and white) can be spotted on its logotype.