Bluefield Blue Jays Logo

Bluefield Blue Jays Logo

The logo of the baseball team Bluefield Blue Jays playing in the Rookie Appalachian League is heavily based on that of their parent team, the Toronto Blue Jays.

Meaning and history

Bluefield Blue Jays Logo history

The team represents the twin cities that, though called the same, Bluefield, are located in different states, Virginia and West Virginia. The history of the team started in 1937. Its original name was the Bluefield Blue-Grays.

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Primary symbol

Bluefield Blue Jays symbol

The primary Bluefield Blue Jays logo features a side view of the head of a blue jay over a baseball. It’s encircled by the name of the team. In fact, the emblem is an exact copy of the Toronto Blue Jays logo, apart from the lettering.

Cap emblem

Bluefield Blue Jays emblem

The side view of the blue jay can be seen next to a large “B.”


Bluefield Blue Jays Logo old

The palette comprises royal blue, navy blue, red, and white.