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Meaning and history

Minor League Baseball Logo history

1999 – 2007

Minor League Baseball Logo 1998
The 1999 logo was a tall square shape with a wider dome for the top. That’s where they put the words ‘Minor League’, while ‘Baseball’ was accommodated in the very bottom. The font was the same college style with blocky serifs, except the former part was also curved. The space between them was taken by an image of a baseball player (stomach up) with four big stars beneath. The main colors were white, blue and red.

2008 – 2021

Minor League Baseball Logo 2008

The 2008 logo uses the same image of a player, except this time it was largely white and placed in the middle of a wide rectangle. The picture divided the shape in two halves: dark blue on the right, red on the left. Except for that, there were also four white stars above. Unlike before, these weren’t tilted backwards. Beneath the logo, they’ve written the words ‘Minor League Baseball’ in slimmer, blue letters.

2021 – Today

Minor League Baseball logo
On the one hand, the logo of Minor League Baseball (MiLB) depicts the same objects as that of Major League. And yet, it gives them from a somewhat different perspective. So, although the MiLB logo echoes the emblem of the senior organization, it has a distinctive look.

Both the logos showcase a baseball player ready for a pitch. However, on the Minor League Baseball logo, the player is given with much more detail, it’s not just an outline. Also, you can see four stars above his head, while there’re no stars on the Major League emblem.