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The Arizona Cardinals football team was founded in 1898. Based in Glendale, Arizona, it is the oldest professional team in the USA. The club plays in the Western Division of the NFC.

Meaning and history

Arizona Cardinals Logo history

The very well recognizable today logo of the Arizona Cardinals football club was first introduced in the 1970s, based on the emblem from 1947, which depicted a detailed traditionally drawn bird. In terms of color palette, the club has also been very constant and used one shade of Cardinal red for almost all of its badges.

1920 – 1934

Arizona Cardinals Logo 1920

The initial logo for the club was introduced in 1929, when the Cardinals were based in Chicago, Illinois. It was a simple yet bold emblem, composed of a wishbone letter “C” with a smaller “C” in classic contours placed inside it. The double-C insignia was executed in a dark shade of red, which is called cardinal-red, as a complement to the club’s name.

1947 – 1959

Chicago Cardinals Logo 1947

Another meaning of the club’s name was placed on the logo design in 1947. It was a small cardinal bird, sitting on the stitched of the white rugby ball in a black outline. The board was executed in a pale-red and black color palette and looked romantic and inspiring. This logo stayed with the team for a decade, until its relocation to St. Louis in 1960.

1960 – 1969

Arizona Cardinals Logo 1960

After the change of the club’s name to St. Louis Cardinals, the new logo was created in the same year. It was a caricature of a fit running bird, which was wearing football pants and holding a white ball. The bird in red and white was running to stylized gates, executed in monochrome with a gradient effect.

1970 – 1987

Arizona Cardinals Logo 1970

The redesign of 1970 created an emblem, which became a predecessor of the current club’s badge we all know and love. The head of the cardinal bird in profile facing right was executed in red, black, and white, with a bright yellow beak and a thin black outline. The image featured a clean and neat contour and looked fresh and modern due to its well-balanced palette and strong contrasts.

1988 – 2004

Arizona Cardinals Logo 1988

At the end of the 1980s, the club moves to Phoenix, Arizona, and changes its name again. Though this time the change of the name did not affect the visual identity design and the Cardinals kept using its previous badge, with only contours refined and cleaned.

2005 – Today

Arizona Cardinals logo

The redesign of 2005 brought a stronger and a more energetic badge to Arizona Cardinals, modernizing the lines and contours of its iconic bird-emblem. The left part of the image was diagonally stretched up-left, with the feathers on the bird’s head sharpened and sleek. The lines of the beak were also a bit changed, and added a sense of expertise and determination to the image, looking edgy and stylish.


arizona cardinals symbol

The eagle image reflects freedom, passion, and vigor – must-have traits for a football player.

Shape and colors

colors arizona cardinals logo

Compared to the 1960 logo, the 2005 version has a black outline, the head is more inclined forward, and the beak is steeper. The changes have added aggression to the shape. Colors include purple, yellow, white, and black. They symbolize energy, courage, perseverance, and determination.

Arizona Cardinals Colors

HEX COLOR: #97233F;
RGB: (151,35,63)
CMYK: (0,100,60,30)

HEX COLOR: #000000;
RGB: (0,0,0)
CMYK: (70,50,50,700)

RGB: (255,182,18)
CMYK: (0,25,100,0)

What is the Arizona Cardinals logo?
The logo of the professional football club from Arizona is based on a confident and bright image of a bird’s head, placed in profile, turned to the right. The bird, depicted on the badge belongs to the Cardinal family and features a dark red color as the main shade. The intense red head of a Cardinal bird is accompanied by solid black and yellow elements, with a bright white eye.

Why are the Arizona Cardinals called the Cardinals?
Unlike many other sports clubs in the United States, which got their names as a result of competitions, held among the fans, the Cardinals got called this way for another reason. In 1901 the founder of the club, Chris O’Brien, started to think of the club’s uniform and bought the t-shirts from the Chicago Maroons club. Although the t-shirts were not new, their color was quite faded, looking more Cardinal-red, than brown. This is what put the “Cardinal” idea into O’Brien’s head.

What is the AZ Cardinals mascot?
The mascot of the Arizona Cardinals football club is a huge red Cardinal bird, named Big Red, which first appeared in 1998, and has never left its team since then. The red bird usually wears the uniform of the club and looks really brutal and a bit aggressive. Big Red is really big — its height is 6 feet and 4 inches, and its wingspan — is 7 feet.

What color are Arizona Cardinals?
The official color palette of the Arizona Cardinals football club consists of three main colors: dar red (also known as Cardinal-red), black, and white. Although, the main shade here is, of course, red.