Pemex Logo

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Pemex Logo
Pemex is a Mexican public company operating in the oil and gas sector as well as in the petrochemical industry. It was founded in 1938 in the city of Mexico by Lazaro Cardenas, who served as the President of Mexico from 1934 to 1940. Cardenas created the company by nationalizing the country’s oil industry and through the expropriation of all Mexican and foreign oil firms operating at that time in Mexico. In almost 80 years since its creation, Pemex managed to become one of the world largest oil producers. By 2014, the company reached the 36th line in the Global 500 list of enterprises published by Fortune. Its year turnover in 2013 was at the level of 125 billion US dollars.

The logo, its history and meaning

Pemex Logo history


The original Pemex logo was a pretty intricate one. There was a stylized flame housing the word “Gas” in its upper part and the word “Pemex” in its lower part.


While the second logo was completely different, it looked even more cluttered. In addition to the lettering “Petroleos Mexicanos,” the design contained the writing “Una institution al servicio del progreso de Mexico.” The text was hardly legible, which seems pretty natural, taking into consideration its length.
Pemex Emblem


The updated version was simpler and better legible. There was a tower with a flag. Next to it, the writing “Petroleos Mexicanos” and “Al servicio de la patrio” could be seen.


The design grew by far more minimalistic. There was now nothing but the word “Pemex” in bold green letters. The wordmark was placed inside a black rectangle.


The black background disappeared leaving only the lettering “Pemex.” This time, it was white with green trim. Some of the glyphs merged with each other forming ligatures. Also, a red emblem appeared. In the center, it had a spiral.


Pemex Logo
The spiral emblem transformed into a red drop with a bird’s head. The lettering “Pemex” grew cleaner, which made the Pemex logo better legible.