West Bromwich Albion Logo

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West Bromwich Albion Logo
The football club West Bromwich Albion is based in West Bromwich in the West Midlands, the UK. Its history dates back to 1878.

Meaning and History logo

West Bromwich Albion Logo history

The bird seen on the current West Bromwich Albion FC logo is a throstle (song thrush). The idea to use it on the emblem was suggested in the 1880s by the club secretary Tom Smith. The throstle hasn’t always looked the same, though. On the 1969 emblem, for instance, the bird was brown and looked pretty realistic, while the following logo, which was adopted in 1972, featured a stylized bird – just a yellow outline on the green background.
west bromwich albion fc logo
The current West Bromwich Albion logo sports the throstle inside a shield shape with blue and white stripes. The bird is standing on a twig with leaves and red berries.