Atlanta Hawks Logo

atlanta hawks logo

Although the basketball team Atlanta Hawks has gone through several names and locations, its logo has almost always remained consistent in its core visual metaphor – the hawk bird.

Atlanta Hawks logo meaning and history

atlanta hawks logo history

The team spent the first 38 days of its history in 1946 as part of the newly founded Buffalo Bisons. Then, they relocated to Moline, Illinois and got the name of the Tri-Cities Blackhawks and the blue basketball logo.

atlanta hawks new logo

In 1952, the club moved to Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Hawks adopted a logo depicting a red and white bird with its wings open. The bird was gripping a basketball. As soon as four years later, the team relocated to St. Louis and introduced another hawk logo. The bird was different, but it had its wings open and was gripping a basketball, like its predecessor.

Symbol Atlanta Hawks in 1958-2015

atlanta hawks symbol

In 1958, a cartoonish logotype was adopted, in which the hawk actually looked more like a basketball player than a bird. Following the relocation to Atlanta, the emblem’s shape was slightly updated, while the red color was replaced by black.

The following updates took place in 1970, 1971, 1973, 1996, and 2008.

The 2015 emblem Atlanta Hawks

atlanta hawks emblem

The primary Atlanta Hawks logo goes back to one of the club’s most popular emblems of the past, the so-called Pac-Man logo (1972-1995). The roundel logo is encircled with the text “ATLANTA HAWKS BASKETBALL CLUB.”

Font of the Atlanta Hawks Logo

atlanta hawks old logo

The most recognizable feature of the typeface in which the name of the club is given in the logo is probably the sharp elements on the letters (“A,” “B,” “E,” “K,” for instance). The seemingly unnecessary design elements are actually relevant and meaningful, as they represent the sharp beak of a hawk and thus create a perfect visual harmony with the bird emblem.