Garuda Indonesia Logo

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Garuda Indonesia LogoGaruda Indonesia Logo PNG

The logo of the national airline of Indonesia has gone through around five modifications since 1949 when it commenced operations.

Meaning and history

Garuda Indonesia Logo history


Garuda Indonesia Logo 1949

The first Garuda Indonesia logo reflected the original name – “Indonesian Airways.” The design was based on a red flag and a stylized bird inside a red ring.


Garuda Indonesia Logo 1969

As a result of a total overhaul, the logo now featured the red lettering “Garuda” in a bold sans with a smaller lettering “Indonesian Airways” below.


Garuda Indonesia Logo 1985

After the company adopted its current name, a new design was introduced (developed by Landor Associates). The words “Garuda Indonesia” in a serif type was placed next to a stylized bird.


Garuda Indonesia logo

The type was updated, while the blue wordmark was replaced by a gray one (developed by Landor Associates).