Lazio Logo

Lazio Logo
Almost all the twenty logos the Lazio has gone through over its 120-year history featured an eagle of some kind. The reason is perfectly simple – the team’s nicknamed Le Aquile (The Eagles).

Meaning and History logo

history Lazio Logo

Società Sportiva Lazio S.p.A. was established in 1900 under the name of Società Podistica Lazio and made its debut in an official league competition in 1912. Throughout the first two decades, the club used a complex light blue and white logo. The eagle on the original emblem had its wings folded, while in the 1914 Lazio logo, it spread its wings.

Symbol evolution

Lazio Symbol
The 1921 emblem was far more straightforward – just a shield shape with thick black stripes and the blue text “S.P. Lazio” over a golden patch on the top.
The logo adopted four years later was again based on a shield shape, yet, this time it was all blue on the white background. Also, the design could be interpreted as blue stripes on the white background, so we can point out that it was then that the era of blue lines started.
The eagle reappeared on the Lazio FC logo in 1940 and stayed for one season only. Having made another comeback in 1958, it has remained there ever since.

Current emblem

Lazio emblem
On the 1998 Lazio logo, the golden eagle with its wings spread is holding a shield embellished with blue stripes and the team’s name.
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