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Tiesto Logo
Tiesto is the stage name of Tijs Michiel Verwest, a Dutch DJ and producer of records. He was born in January 1969 in Breda, the Netherlands. Tiesto has undertaken to create a global “Tiesto” brand in music by transcending musical genres. In 2001 he released his first solo album “In My Memory” which brought him wide popularity in Europe. His has got numerous MTV awards and once was nominated to a Grammy award. Tiesto was selected to perform and the opening ceremony of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens.
Emblem Tiesto

The logo and its meaning

Tiesto logo
In 2004 Tiesto introduced a logo which was shown in his second album, “Just Be”. It depicts a songbird, a swallow in a circle. Under the emblem, there is the wordmark “Tiesto” made in an elegant thin font. The logo is noted for having effectively used the image space and displaying the contrast between the thickness of the bird and the thinness of the circle and recognizable shape. The bird silhouette symbolizes the positive energy of music by Tiesto and the genre in general.
Tiesto emblem
The logo is being used since then and by now there have been developed several versions. Most common is the black circle and the bird’s silhouette on a white background.  Another one is the white bird on a black background. Another version depicts a raspberry red bird on a black square with a white studio light beam across the background.  There is also a version of the logo against a black background made in a combination of two tinctures of blue colour: a light arctic blue and a saturated cobalt blue, which gives the logo a 3D flavour.
Logo TiestoTiesto Logo