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Duesenberg, an iconic American automobile manufacturer, was founded by brothers Fred and August Duesenberg. It was under the umbrella of Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum. Situated in Auburn, Indiana, the company achieved renown for its luxury cars and high-performance racing vehicles.

Meaning and history

Founded by Fred and August Duesenberg in 1913, Duesenberg Automobile Motors Company is a legendary U.S. carmaker. The company’s crowning achievement was the Model J, launched in 1928, hailed for its superior engineering and opulent features. By 1937, however, the company ceased production due to financial issues. Its legacy endures, preserved at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum in Indiana as of 2021.

What is Duesenberg?
Duesenberg was an esteemed American car manufacturer, operating from 1913 to 1937. Renowned for producing luxurious and high-performance vehicles, its impact on automotive design is still celebrated.

Duesenberg Logo