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Packard is the name of a former American company that was established in 1899 and merged into Studebaker-Packard Corporation in 1954. The company was specialized in the production of high-end cars and has released four dozens of car models throughout its history.

Meaning and history

The Packard visual identity had different ways of presentation but has always been based on a fancy and ornate crest in a traditional royal color palette. The crest could be placed on a vertically oval medallion with a black background and a sleek silver frame with vignettes, with or without a modern script wordmark under it. The wordmark had two possible colors — red or black.

Another version featured a burgundy and gold crest with a golden bird on it placed on a sky-blue background inside a circular badge with a wide red frame, where the uppercase sans-serif lettering was located.

As for the back part of the Packards cars, they were usually decorated with a stylish silver wordmark written in a custom sans-serif, with just the first letter capitalized, and others — connected via horizontal lines on the bottom.

There was also a more modern badge, which was used during the last years of the company’s existence, before its merger with Studebaker. It was a minimalist geometric emblem, boasting a dark red hexagon with a plain solid texture. The right part of the hexagon was shadowed, which added uniqueness and motion to the badge, which was placed above the uppercase serif inscription, with slightly narrowed letters executed in thin elegant lines, which brilliantly balanced the sharp and bold emblem.

Font and color

Packard logo

The most famous Packard logotype was written in a title-case of a smooth yet bold script typeface with the thick arrow-like underline of the wordmark, which was formed by the elongated and curved tail of the last letter “D”. The type of that nameplate was more or less close to such fonts as Edesron and Jamilah Italic, though with most lines modified.

The color palette of the official Packard logo was based on the elegant and chic combination of burgundy and gold, a mix, which evokes a sense of high-quality and precision. With the addition of black and silver, the badge also looked professional and serious, making the customers feel the responsibility and trustworthiness of the company.