Kansas Jayhawks Logo

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Kansas Jayhawks Logo
During its more than 100-year-long evolution, the bird on the Kansas Jayhawks logo has been growing more refined.

Meaning and history

Kansas Jayhawks Logo history

The university’s archives have preserved the logo used in 1912-1919. It featured a blue jayhawk with the yellow beak and legs. The creature was wearing blue and red boots. We cannot but mention the bird looked as if it were flirting or at least wanted to start a friendly conversation.
The following jayhawk (1920) lost the anthropomorphic elegance of its predecessor. The bird, which now looked by far more realistic, was sitting on the red letters “K” and “U.”
The 1923 logo again featured an anthropomorphized bird. It was the first time when the jayhawk got its iconic red head with the yellow beak (although it did not look like the current one).
The bird on the 1929 emblem lost the friendliness of its predecessor while preserving the letters “K” and “U” on its body.
In 1941, the Jayhawk adopted a more professional style due to a more refined shape of the bird and the white strokes that divided its body.
As a result of the following update (1946), the bird on the Kansas Jayhawks logo turned to the right and got a friendlier style.

Kansas Jayhawks basketball

Kansas Jayhawks basketball logo
Among the athletic programs of the University of Kansas, the men’s basketball team is probably the most well-known one. In fact, it’s among the most successful intercollegiate basketball teams in the US. Interestingly, the very first coach the university had was James Naismith, who invented basketball. Quite a few well-known professional players used to play for the University of Kansas (Clyde Lovellette, Wilt Chamberlain, and Jo Jo White to name just a few).
The women’s team, which was fielded in 1968, can boast three Big Eight championships, one Big 12 Championship, and six conference tournament championships in 1973–2004 when it was coached by Marian Washington.

Kansas Jayhawks football

Kansas Jayhawks football logo
The first football game was played by the university team in 1890. The list of well-known players who used to belong to the Jayhawks includes Gale Sayers, John Riggins, and Mike McCormack. The team has made three Orange Bowl appearances (won in 2008). The home arena is Memorial Stadium.

Kansas Jayhawks ice hockey

Kansas Jayhawks ice hockey logo
The team coached by Andy McConnell plays in the ACHA. While the primary logo of the ice hockey program is the one used by all the other Kansas Jayhawks teams, their alternative logo contains a reference to the Vancouver Canucks emblem.