The Best CFL Logo Tattoos

The Best CFL Logo Tattoos

Canada loves football. This may come as a surprise, considering that the general noise and fuss about the sport in Canada is somewhat less than that which emanates from fans south of the border. But Canadians will never let the chance to cheer for their favourites pass them by. At this weekend’s Super Bowl, there will naturally be a huge number of fans glued to their TV sets in Kansas City and Philadelphia. But don’t sleep on the league’s Canadian fan base, who will be tuning in in numbers close to 9 million. That’s a quarter of Canada’s population – to witness the big game and back their favourites at They’ll be making plenty of noise of their own.

Canada also has its own football league, which is pretty widely watched in its own right, possibly due to the current absence of a Canadian-based NFL team. There are numerous fans who tune into the CFL on a regular basis, not least to watch the league’s standout team the BC Lions. As the club that gave Arnie Wienmeister two seasons of action – that’s the guy who is one of only two Canadians to make it to the NFL Hall of Fame – the Lions are the closest thing that the CFL has to royalty. With six Grey Cup wins to their name, and the solid chance to add another in 2023, BC Lions fans will want to make their mark – and this can be done by showing the team’s logo on their skin in the form of a temporary tattoo. Maybe something like one of the following…

Roaring Lion Logo

Featuring the team’s main logo of a roaring lion mixed with the BC initials, this is a bold statement to make for any Lions fan. Once you find a spot on your body to place it on, you can show everyone who gets close enough to see it that you’re confidently backing the Lions and believe that 2023 will be their year. Last season they were eliminated in the playoffs by Winnipeg – who went on to win the Grey Cup. This year, like their logo, the Lions will come roaring back and win a first title since 2011.

The-Best-CFL-Logo-tattoos-Black Lion’s Pawprint Logo.png

Black Lion’s Pawprint Logo

What position would a lion play if it were to suit up for a CFL game? We think it would be playing as a linebacker. Not because we could call it a “lionbacker”; at least not completely because of that. More because its pace and strength would make it an asset off the edge and the rangy, heavy paws would be ideal for making a strip sack. That paw is depicted in this superb tattoo, which reminds us of the king of the jungle roaming the African savannah – just like the BC Lions will prowl the CFL this coming season.

The Best CFL Logo Tattoos Lion and Ball Logo

Lion and Ball Logo 

Any team knows how important it is to protect the ball when it gets to the business end of a game, and this BC Lion is defying the opposition to come and take it. Like all lions, including the BC Lions, this big cat is fierce and ready to defend what belongs to them. That’s enough to scare off any opponent, don’t you agree?