Philadelphia Eagles Logo

Philadelphia Eagles Logo

One of the most well-known professional American football teams, Philadelphia Eagles went through several logos before sticking to the current one.

Philadelphia Eagles Meaning and history

Philadelphia Eagles Logo history

The earliest Philadelphia Eagles logo was introduced in 1933. It depicted an eagle in flight with a ball in its claws. The bird has been the club’s emblem ever since. It is supposed to represent the team’s spirit and ingenuity. Interestingly, the name of the club was inspired by the Blue Eagle emblem, which was used within the Deal Stimulus Program during Great Depression.

Although the logo underwent noticeable modifications in 1969 and 1973, still the overall visual theme was retained.

The 1987 symbol Philadelphia Eagles

symbol Philadelphia Eagles

The 1987 version of the emblem had a different direction: the eagle started flying right to left. There were more white accents in the bird’s body.

The 1996 emblem Philadelphia Eagles

emblem Philadelphia Eagles

The current Philadelphia Eagles logo features a white bald eagle’s head designed in a less realistic style, yet preserving its aggressive and determined character.

Font of the Philadelphia Eagles

Font Philadelphia Eagles

The wordmark sports a unique typeface with sharp ends in the “E” and “S” letters, which can be compared with an eagle’s claws. All the letters are given in capitals.

Color of the Philadelphia Eagles

Color Philadelphia Eagles

The combination of green (kelly green, later changed to a darker “midnight” shade), silver, and white has been the official Eagles palette for several decades.