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Swift is the name of one of the programming languages, which was created by Apple in 2014, and keeps getting new versions. Today Swift is available not only for iOS but also for Linux, Windows, and Android and is widely used in working with Apple products.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the Apple programming language is light and very friendly. The product’s icon, executed in a kind and pleasant color palette, evokes a sense of reliability and expertise, yet stays tender and cute.

The Swift emblem is composed of a white swallow silhouette, placed inside an orange square with rounded angles. The bird is placed diagonally in the bright background, moving down and right.

Swift Logo

The wordmark is usually placed on the right side from the emblem and is written in a title case, executed in a traditional and modest sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to TT Interphases Medium and Sequel Sans Roman fonts.

The black color of the inscription balances the bright and fresh emblem, adding a touch of professionalism and seriousness. The enlarged letters in thin clean lines look strict and confident, creating a perfect harmony between lightness, creativity, reliability, and expertise.

The white, orange, and black color palette of the Swift logo symbolizes loyalty and kindness, along with energy, progressive, and dynamic approach and confidence.