Johnson City Cardinals Logo

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Johnson City Cardinals Logo
While the logo of the Johnson City Cardinals is aligned with that of its parent team, it is still distinctive and instantly recognizable.

Meaning and History logo

Johnson City Cardinals Logo history

The franchise traces its roots to 1937. The current name was adopted in 1975. The franchise competing in the Rookie Appalachian League is a farm team for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Old symbol

Johnson City Cardinals symbol
Although the cardinal bird depicted on the Johnson City Cardinals logo was inspired by the bird from the parent team’s logo, it looked absolutely different. The creature holding a baseball bat was ready for a game. Next to it, there was the name of the team in front of a mountain range.
The bird could be seen on the cap insignia, too. Here, it was standing between the letters “J” and “C.”

Current emblem

Johnson City Cardinals emblem
The 2018 update resulted in a logo looking closer to that of the parent team.