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In spite of the fact the word “Rossignol” means “nightingale” in French, the unofficial logo of the brand showcases a different bird. For much of the company’s history, the primary logo did not feature any bird at all, though.

Meaning and history

Rossignol Logo history

Rossignol is a French manufacturer of alpine, snowboard, and Nordic equipment. It was established in 1907 by Abel Rossignol.

Rooster emblem

The name of the brand was not inspired by the bird but just used the second name of the founder. This can the reason why the “nightingale” theme has never been supported in the Rossignol logo.
The most recognizable logo the company has had is probably the rooster. The bird is blue and red on the white background. The two stripes symbolize the skis. The V-shape used for the shield emphasizes the link with sport – the “V” is a universally recognized symbol of victory.
Rossignol Emblem
One more motif that has been used on Rossignol’s products quite often is a pair of parallel stripes. According to the company, this pattern was inspired by “the skis and the two tracks on the ski slopes.”

Other symbols

The brand has used several logotypes featuring a large “R” (typically, in white inside a red circle). You can come across pure wordmark logos, where the word “Rossignol” is given in a dynamic italicized sans.
Rossignol Logo


The palette of the Rossignol logo was inspired by the French flag, according to the company’s official website. In this way, Rossignol emphasizes the “sense of belonging to the French sporting community.” The combination of blue, white, and red looks slightly darker on the logo than it does on the flag, though.
The brand has often used a lighter shade of blue called Strato blue. The name refers to the legendary Strato ski, which was marketed from 1965 to 1975. It has been known as the first model to exceed the figure of a million pairs sold. The Strato ski had a blue base.