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Nestle has modified its logo at least six times throughout its more than 150-year history. Here, we look back at some of the early versions of the Nestle logo.

Meaning and history

Nestle Logo history

Nestle is a legend, so is its visual identity. The badge, known in every corner of the world has undergone six redesigns throughout the long company’s history, but its main symbol remains unchanged for more than a century.

1866 — 1868

Nestle Logo 1866

Since the very first logo, introduced in 1866, the visual identity concept of the famous Swiss company has been based on the family name of its founder, Henri Nestle, which translates from German as “The Nest”.

The original logo depicted the Nestle family crest, composed of a traditional shield with its upper line a bit elongated to the sides. In the middle of the shield there was an image of a bird sitting in the nest, and the crown on top of the crest was replaced by a feathery metal helmet. This logo stayed with the company for only two years.

1868 — 1938

Nestle Logo 1868

The unique emblem was designed for the brand in 1868 and featured an image of the nest with four birds in it. It was a pretty detailed picture, where the branches and oak leaves could be seen.

1938 — 1966

Nestle Logo 1938

The redesign of 1938 brought a wordmark to the logo. The bold black “Nestle” lettering was written over the nest emblem, which was redrawn in simpler lines with fewer shadows and accents.

1966 — 1984

Nestle Logo 1966

In 1966 the bold rounded typeface of the nameplate was changed to a stricter and more geometric one. The lines were clean and straight and the cuts and serifs were distinct and confident.

1984 — 1995

In 1984 the emblem was even more simplified — now there were only two baby-birds instead of three, and the whole picture looked more modern and stylized. The wordmark got replaced and now it was set under the image, executed in a modern custom sans-serif with the bar of the “N” elongated and stretched above inscription, extended till the “T” and then appearing above the “E”, making an “é”.

1995 — 2015

Both graphical and text part of the Nestle visual identity is being refined in 1995. The typeface was changed to a cleaner and sleeker one, with the angles softened and lines thickened, while the image became less detailed and more solid.

2015 — Today

Nestle logo

The redesign of 2015 kept the iconic composition of the Nestle logo almost untouched, just the emblem was enlarged, which made the whole logo look more balanced and solid.

The 2015 symbol

In 2015, the company introduced a slightly modified logotype. The lines of the bird design became bolder, and also a couple of minor changes were introduced to the sketch itself. According to the company, the modifications were to make the Nestle symbol easier to read on digital devices.


Font of the Nestle Logo

The wordmark uses a simple sans-serif type with a recognizable “N” character.


Color of the Nestle Logo

The original emblem featured the combination of brown and white, while the current logo may use either a grey-and-white or a black-and-white color scheme.

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