Nestle Logo

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Nestle Logo
Nestle has modified its logo at least six times throughout its more than 150-year history. Here, we look back at some of the early versions of the Nestle logo.

Meaning and history

Nestle logo history

The first wordmark used the family coat of arms of Henri Nestlé, the company’s founder. Its visual center was a bird on a nest, placed inside a shield shape. By the way, the word “Nestle” can actually be translated from German as “a nest”.
In the course of time, three more birds appeared on the nest, while the shield was removed. The renewed logo depicted young birds fed by their parent, in this way creating a link with the company’s specialization. According to the manufacturer, the birds are thrushes, while the tree is an oak.
In 1938 the “Nestle” wordmark was added to the nest. The logo was given a facelift in 1966, with the purpose of making it cleaner. In 1988 one of the young birds, as well as the worm in their mother’s beak were removed, while the wordmark was placed under the picture.
The latest modification, which took place in 1995, was supposed to make the Nestle logo more minimalistic.

The 2015 symbol

In 2015, the company introduced a slightly modified logotype. The lines of the bird design became bolder, and also a couple of minor changes were introduced to the sketch itself. According to the company, the modifications were to make the Nestle symbol easier to read on digital devices.


Font of the Nestle Logo
The wordmark uses a simple sans-serif type with a recognizable “N” character.


Color of the Nestle Logo
The original emblem featured the combination of brown and white, while the current logo may use either a grey-and-white or a black-and-white color scheme.
nestle symbol